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Traveler by heart and soul, unbowed positive and passionate about the environment, Katja is the ball of energy in Yoganity and with her Master in Sustainable Development in the making also a walking dictionary about everything sustainable.

She loves her Yoga with quite some workout elements and music that touches the heart - best done at exciting and fascinating places to widen your horizon.


Read more about Katjas personal background in her blog post About me (Katja).


Rough husk, soft inside, your all-round Handyman and easily misjudged, Paul is the driving force behind Yoganity and has over ten years of experience in meditation and spirituality practices.

He loves his Tantra down to earth and at the same time with everything you could ever dream of right at your feet - new perspectives, energy and positive thinking included.


Read more about Pauls personal background in his blog post About me (Paul).

Both of them have their background in the Security Industry and connected while working for the German development aid in northern Afghanistan. But their ultimate connection developed over morning yoga sessions between a steel compound wall and a barb wired fence, with a view of deserted mountains. So romantic...

Now they left war and weapons behind and follow their dream: Bringing positivity into the world by using yoga, spiritual living and sustainability as the holistic tools they are. Be it social classes like yoga for the blind or deaf, conservation events like free yoga lessons after beach cleanups or your deeply connecting couple tantra session - Yoganity is the basis for a positive life for everyone.


You can follow Yoganity on Facebook or Instagram and always remember to smile! The Universe will smile back at you.

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