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    Ma (Sunday, 21 November 2021 22:10)

    I always thought that my preferences and my drops were born from a meeting, from teachers who transmitted their passion to me.
    I wasn’t sensitive to kundalini before cause a bad experience but now I understand how this discipline is useful and complementary to the deep understanding of oneself and one's body.
    how the energies works and allow us a well-being and a balance.
    I would like to thank you for that.

    you made me mature in my practice.
    i have always loved yin yoga but discovered another way to practice it and I loved it.

    I have learned a lot from you and I am so grateful.
    With love.
    Hope to see you again.

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    Verena (Thursday, 08 July 2021 22:01)

    I met Katja and Paul at a wonderful little mountain retreat in the Austrian Alps and was lucky enough to participate at some of their Yoga classes. Both have a great style of teaching and understand the needs of their class. I especially loved Katja's calm voice when teaching :)
    Thank you very much for some great Yoga sessions, I'm looking forward to seeing you some day again- perhaps even at a beach in Bali, who knows :)

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    Anja (Monday, 28 June 2021 12:23)

    I was blessed to join Katja and Paul’s yoga classes for one week - their yoga practices were full of passion, mindfulness, kindness and inner peace. What they teach, they live for.

    Never before I was so touched in my heart and soul when I was doing yoga practices and I will never forget the moment when we sang mantras - I’m so deeply appreciated for these emotional moments full of positive energy <3.

    After this week I‘m definitely more infected by the „yoga virus“ than before. Hope to see you two amazing people again soon - on a yoga mat or with a ukulele or both ;).

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    Kristen (Friday, 25 June 2021 22:56)

    These 2 are absolute precious gifts to this world. I had the privilege of practicing yoga with both and joining them for a beautiful mantra singing session that changed my life! The frequency these 2 operate at creates and attracts magic all around them! I left the presence feeling completely rejuvenated.

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    Justin (Wednesday, 09 June 2021 17:55)

    Two of the sweetest, most genuine, interesting, helpful, fun, patient, kindest, knowledgeable yoga instructors and people you could ever hope to meet! I got so much joy and peace from my time spent with Paul and Katja. I can’t thank these guys enough! Cheers and long may you run!

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    Scott and Keenan (Wednesday, 02 June 2021 19:52)

    My son Keenan and I met Katja and Paul while spending a month in Nicaragua at a surf/ yoga/ safe haven resort there. I have been to many yoga classes with different instructors through time. Katja and Paul are much more than instructors; rather, they are yogis who live what they teach. I learned so much about the different types of yoga practice and associated philosophies during our time together, and I got to know them as two kind and caring people. My 15 year old now knows a number of poses, Yoga Nidra and the chakras, and has a positive basis upon which he can build as he goes through life.

    Paul and Katja are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and one can tell that they work hard to follow the path of healthy, centered, living that they teach to others, and they listen to what the Universe tells them as we all should. I feel so fortunate that our paths crossed as they did and I look foward to them crossing again.

    Buen Senderas y suerte en todos amigos!

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    Sia (Monday, 31 May 2021 19:54)

    I met Katja and Paul only by chance, at an Airbnb housing. They were very kind and invited me to a yoga session. It was my first live yoga session with a trained yoga teacher and it felt amazing. From what I experienced, as a beginner, participating in their courses is really worth it. Thank you for that energizing experience and I wish you good luck in your future journeys, spiritual and career-wise.

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    Maria Davidson (Thursday, 08 April 2021 15:06)


    I love your website, I visit it often. Thank you for sharing content on yoga


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    Zhang (Tuesday, 02 February 2021 19:22)

    Thanks Yoganity, great website and community!

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    Dot (Sunday, 22 November 2020 11:59)

    This was a very special yoga retreat and I could not recommend it enough. The location was absolutely stunning - sat in the mountains the farmhouse allowed an opportunity to switch off and reconnect with nature. There were some beautiful hiking trails from the house as well.

    Paul and Katja were fantastic hosts - they were excellent yoga teachers and really took the time to answer all my questions and talk to me about the history and philosophy of yoga. They provided 3 delicious and filling meals each day, and took me on wonderful excursions, such as waterfall hikes and trips to local sights. I felt completely at ease on this retreat and left feeling much more grounded.

    I could not recommend this retreat enough and would love to go back.

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    Jan (Sunday, 20 September 2020 20:16)

    Had an amazing week with Katja and Paul. Used to practice a lot of yoga years ago, so wanted to get back into it. Katja and Paul totally got me hooked again! Loved the diversity of the yogaclasses, we practiced ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha, yin yoga, and different meditation styles. They make sure to respect your body but also really attend to the details. They also organize lots of interesting activities to do during the day so I wasn't bored for a second. Loved the mountain hike with the dogs and the waterfall hike! The food was vegan and really tasty, perfect to complement the active program. Also the house on the mountain is beautiful and remote... loved the silence and nature. In addition, Katja and Paul are also deeply spiritual people so enjoyed all the conversations we had.

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    Romana (Friday, 18 September 2020 12:37)

    Katya and Paul really make this retreat! Their personalised style, ensures that you have everything you need / want. The mountains are beautiful and silent, and Katya and Paul have organised a range of activities (including a range of different yoga styles, hikes, trips etc) which you can do as much (or as little) off. If you're looking for somewhere that is quiet, in the thick of the mountains, and truly relaxing in order to come back to yourself, I couldn't recommend this retreat enough. I feel thoroughly refreshed and revitalised following this retreat...and definitely more flexible! Thank you so much to you both for the great food, chats and yoga! I also miss the dogs...X

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    Natasha (Thursday, 03 September 2020 12:25)

    I had the most wonderful time at this retreat. Katja and Paul are truly wonderful souls and great hosts. There was the perfect amount of classes and activities and the whole programme was very well organised with attention to detail. I enjoyed trying many different styles of yoga and meditation techniques. The hikes were amazing with a great sense of achievement and a thoughtful Yin yoga to stretch out afterwards. Katja and Paul's knowledge of yoga is insightful and I accomplished many things throughout the week with their guidance. As a lone traveller, I never once felt alone and enjoyed the conversation with Katja and Paul along with healthy and tasty meals. I wholly recommend this retreat to anyone that enjoys exercise and being close to nature.

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    Anna (Friday, 28 August 2020 23:08)

    A big grazie to Katja and Paul, two wonderful yoga teachers with very insightful stories about the underlying concepts of yoga, but also a lot of life-shaping experiences they shared with us during our stay. The retreat house is in the mountainous country side of Lazio, at the foot of Abbruzzo National Park. During the whole week, we were surrounded by nature, be it during our hikes, the naps under the oak tree in the garden, the morning yoga, or when gazing at the milky way, counting the shooting stars. Being an avid yoga practitioner, the yoga lessons twice a day with Paul and Katja were perfect to focus (drishti!) on certain aspects I had been working on for a while, but also to relax. The meditation sessions to set the start of the day, as well as the yin yoga and the yoga nidra really helped to get very close to myself after this interesting year 2020. There was always a (healthy) abundance of food and the two cuddly dogs were the tip on the ice berg! Thank you so much Paul and Katja for creating this beautiful environment and letting us be part of your life. See you soon!

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    Theis Kuhre (Tuesday, 25 August 2020 08:38)

    An amazing place! After six days yoga retreat, I feel like I am reborn. Paul and Katja are very knowledgeable and competent yoga teachers. You can learn something new whether it is your first yoga class, or you have been practiced yoga for many years. The house is gorgeous. It is located with an amazing view over the valley, and what I found even better was the clear sky and bright stars at night. Everyday there is an excursion planned everything from a mountain hike to a visit to the nearest town. The food is homemade and organic vegetarian food and varies on how much physical activity there has been. You can reach the place in around 2½ hours from Rome with public transportation which is just amazing for solo travelers. Can only recommend this place and cannot wait to come back. Big thanks for six amazing days.

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    Elsa (Sunday, 23 August 2020 21:42)

    I had the honor of being the first guest at Katja and Paul's first own retreat in the Abruzzo National Park in Italy.
    I had an amazing time there! They are both very kind-hearted people, have solid knowledge of yoga, but yet enjoy teaching complete beginners. I especially appreciated that everything was included (2-3h/day classes of a variety of different yogastyles /day, activities, delicious food, accomodation ...) and that everything was planned out so I didn't have to think about it and could just relax. The activities were all optional and you could just chill in the garden if you wanted to. I highly recommend the hikes though, especially the waterfall one!
    The place is very serene : an old stone house in the mountain, recently renovated by Gabrielo, the constantly smiling Italian owner of the house. Thanks to the thick walls, the inside of the house always remained at a cool temperature (though, up in the mountains in never gets nearly as hot as down in the valley). The house also has a garden and a great hammock for naps. I had a private bedroom which was very comfortable, I don't think I've ever slept this well before. The house is guarded by the two kindest and friendliest dogs I've ever met (and cannot imagine them being good guard dogs).
    Overall, I had a fantastic time and was able to deepen my knowledge and practice of yoga as well as disconnect and finally relax. I highly recommend this retreat!

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    Lora (Monday, 06 April 2020 22:05)

    My fiance Ronn & I happened to find Katja and Paul's yoga class when we passed through Vang Vieng, Laos. They are wonderful! Both very patient, kind, and present in the moment. Paul's class is the one we took and my fiance said Paul is his favorite yoga instructor he has encountered so far. Paul taught the class thoroughly and patiently. I hope to visit their retreat in Italy! They have a vivid presence that left a wonderful impression in my mind for weeks after we met them.

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    Sherine (Friday, 27 December 2019 15:17)

    Katja&Paul stole my heart within a heartbeat! Down to earth amazing people with a lot of knowledge about yoga as well as strengthening of the body and high intensity classes. Love the energy and the warmth of this amazing couple. Hope to meet again some day!

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    Monique Moreau (Sunday, 22 December 2019 15:38)

    Katja and Paul were amazing yoga instructors who made my stay at MTBC in Thailand worthwhile. They are knowledgable, compassionate and fun. Thanks to their classes and my 1:1 session I have yoga stretches to manage the tightness in my neck and shoulder and have been inspired to continue my yoga practice. I will work with them again at their new studio once it opens....thanks Katja and Paul

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    Cécile (Tuesday, 17 December 2019 14:19)

    Katja and Paul are very nice, they make the practice of yoga a peaceful and wonderful moment.
    The focus is on the well being more than the performance and It makes full sense when you understand the essence of yoga.
    I recommend them warmly, it's definitely some great teachers with a generous practice.

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    Tate (Saturday, 14 December 2019 03:46)

    I've never once done yoga before, and these two were able to help me learn yoga, and meditation, so easily! I can't thank them enough. They're two of the nicest and most genuinely humble people I've ever met. They're a shining light and I'm glad I got the chance to meet them. They were a major part in my new life!! I hope I get the chance to see them soon.

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    ARAGON (Sunday, 08 December 2019 22:25)

    It was probably my first time doing yoga and meditation over all. A little worried, I stepped over the mat to discover a brand new world. True, some positions can be challenging, but the way classes were taught was more than I expected. It’s something that can be enjoyed both by experienced practitioners and rookies such as my. I gained acknowledgment of my breath, something we take for granted; acknowledgement of my thoughts, something that usually controls my emotions. Great experience, and the instructors are amazing people!!! Hope i can train with them again.

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    Mazhar Hussain (Saturday, 07 December 2019 12:06)

    Paul and Katja yoga classes are the best, I’ve been doing yoga for 2 years and everything was corrected, if you meet and get a chance to do yoga with Paul and katja you will see a benefit to
    Your life. Two of the best yoga teachers helping everybody around them!

    Thank you for everything

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    Isabel Farrarons (Thursday, 05 December 2019 07:38)

    I stayed a week in Battle Conquer Gym and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting both Katja and Paul. The sessions and workshops they led were thoroughly enjoyed by myself and people at the camp. I learned a lot from them and I really love their teaching style! They both have really great energy! Very positive and warm hearted people. Thank you both so much for everything! I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon xx
    P.S. Ecstatic dancing is still one of my highlights!! :)

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    Alina Kadak (Monday, 02 December 2019 15:38)

    I met Katja and Paul during my stay at Battle Conquer gym.
    Every day had various types of yoga classes held by them.
    Not being a flexible at all, I made very good progress in stretching and yoga asanas but in just 8 lessons.
    They are full of positive energy, patience and care for you and have a great sense of humor .
    This couple really have a gift to teach people and make them better.

    I do hope we gonna meet again in your own yoga retreat place !

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    Jess Orsman (Friday, 29 November 2019 02:52)

    For me Katja and Paul were the highlight of the Battle Conquer program and I really enjoyed their various yoga & meditation classes, as well as the many trips they lead. They are a kind and gracious couple who genuinely care about your wellbeing, and their positive philosophy is infectious. I would definitely love to join them at their own yoga retreat. Thank you for everything :)! xx

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    Yvonne Klein (Wednesday, 27 November 2019 06:16)

    Paul and Katja came into my life right when I needed them. I was very unhealthy and with low self esteem and worth. Through their patience and guidance through yoga, meditation and just being there for a chat I am beginning to change my life for the better. I have a new found calmness and belief in myself. I sincerely hope our paths will cross again in the future.

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    Nicki Davis (Monday, 25 November 2019 22:26)

    Thank you Katja and Paul for your kindness, positive energy and open hearts. It was a pleasure and privilege to meet you both and to take part in your wonderful yoga classes and calming meditation sessions while in Thailand. Namaste.

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    Olena Romanets (Monday, 18 November 2019 21:46)

    I have met Katja and Paul during a wellness program at Battle Conquer Gym in Thailand. They both are amazing positive people, and it was a real pleasure to follow their yoga and meditation classes. Every lesson with them felt like a journey, in which more calmness, happiness and wellness have been added into my life. They obviously are very well trained instructors and teach yoga with its initial intention. My goal for the wellness program was to detox emotionally, and Paul and Katja's lessons have had a major contribution in achieving this goal :) Thank you so much gentle people for your kind guidance!

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    Micah Kybert (Wednesday, 13 November 2019 12:40)

    I met Pal and Katja during my stay and Battle conquer. I loved every single one of their yoga classes and didn't miss one during my two week stay. With there support I feel that I really improved my yoga practise and have tried to continue with it at home. I had an amazing one-to-one lesson with Katja during my stay where she taught me some arm balances which was really fun. They are both amazing people with such positive energy which I felt really rubbed off on me while I was there. I really can't thank you both more and hope to practise with you again one day x

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    Lorene Beckett (Monday, 11 November 2019 05:52)

    I met Paul and Katja during there stint at Battle Conquer. If it had not been for those two I would not have stayed 14 days. The wellness side of the program was well planned and executed. I was able to increase my strength and balance to be able to better do the hikes and outings. I had private sessions with Paul and Katja to focus on opening up my hips and increasing my flexibility. Their knowledge knows no bounds. They have trained all over the world and they bring that practice in to their programming. Hi

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    Renee Trovela (Sunday, 10 November 2019 06:58)

    I am very fortunate to have met Katja and Paul. They are awesome teachers and I fell in love with yoga because of them. I love their calming aura and positive vibes. I hope to be able to take their classes in the future. Thank you for making my vacation healing, energizing, enlightening, & loving �.

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    Aidan Spence (Tuesday, 29 October 2019 07:03)

    My overall experience in ‘battle and conquer’ was quite positive but I quickly found myself to be less of a battle and conquerer and more of a yogi.This was totally down to my mindfulness mentors Paul and Katja whose belief and dedication to what they delivered was second to none.
    An absolute pleasure and inspiration to work with you guys.
    Keep spreading the word x

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    Michael C (Tuesday, 29 October 2019 05:37)

    I met Katja and Paul through Battle Conquer in Thailand. They were in charge of the wellness program and did a great job. I made sure of all the activities available I always attended those of Katja and Paul. They're professional and knowledgeable and at the same time practical. I hope our paths cross again as I enjoyed working with them and I enjoyed their company too.

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    Osson M (Monday, 28 October 2019 11:20)

    What an amazing experience I had to have met both Paul and Katya! We met in Thailand through a wellness retreat programme and the amount of joy and things I have learnt from them were incredible.

    Yoga and meditation is part of a journey in life that will help better one's self. What a great couple and I do look forward to our next encounter!

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    Timur Tura (Monday, 28 October 2019 07:00)

    Katja and Paul are amazing! From the moment I met them they gave off a very genuine and present vibe. They teach their classes in a very loving and open manner, there is no comparison, pushing, or judgement. They reminded me of the value of self-love and acceptance, and it is not just on the mat, this is how the live and embody their lives. I was lucky to have many conversations and meals with these 2 and they always give off a positive and playful attitude, allowing others to be who they are, and telling hilarious stories of their travels. Much love! <3

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    Ozel Christo (Sunday, 27 October 2019 10:53)

    Katja and Paul are great yoga teachers possessing a very open and accepting vibe that encourages students to overcome their physical and mental obstacles in doing yoga. I have been doing yoga for several years, however, I still learned a LOT from their classes and will take their lessons with me to improve my practice. Would highly recommend!

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    Diana Bradley (Monday, 21 October 2019 05:54)

    Hi, I just want to thank you both for sharing your passion and knowledge of yoga with me during our sessions at Battle Conquer gym. I had no real experience on my arrival three weeks ago, but am now enthused to want to explore the practices further. I can absolutely see how yoga will compliment and enhance my training as well as bringing calm to my life in general. Thank you for this gift, it was a real pleasure to attend your classes, your personableness, patience and humour is unsurpassed! I wish you both happiness and success for the future. I will forever remain a ball of liquid love! Peace and love Dxxx

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    Cy Liz (Friday, 27 September 2019 17:07)

    We met Katja and Paul during our stay in Phetchabun, Thailand. My boyfriend and I have only done yoga twice before, but Katja and Paul were patient and flexible to us. After just a few sessions with them, we have felt the difference yoga has done in our body and we loved it! Katja really takes you to a different world whenever she does her guided meditations, she's so calm and there is a sense of peace in her voice.

    They are not just great yoga instructors, they are an amazing couple with really good heart and amazing spirit! They made our stay in the camp really memorable!

    Thanks Paul and Katja! Till we meet again! ❤️

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    Shelley Nuth (Sunday, 04 August 2019 18:09)

    Katja and Paul came to our community farm to buy vegetables, and after chatting with one of our volunteers in the farmshop, they offered us a spontaneous outdoor yoga class! It was wonderful to gather in one of the fields, in the late afternoon sunshine, being gently guided through various poses. We had all experienced a very busy week at the farm, so Paul and Katja's calming yoga session was perfect timing. We look forward to one more session before they leave the area. I highly recommend their Yoga practice to anyone who meets them, bring their lovely energy into your lives.