Spirituality is an integrant part of yoga and we believe that everyone who really wants to connect to him/herself and the world around us should take a dip into the wide ocean of spiritual believes. Contrary to many so-called spiritual leaders, we believe that science and spirituality do not contradict each other. They are just different perspectives on a universe full of wonders and both help us explore it.


Short meditations or pranayama (breathing techniques) are part of all our Yoga classes. When exploring meditation on its own, we mostly teach the following styles:

  • Guided meditation for beginners
  • Mantra meditation
  • Breathing meditation
  • Chakra meditation
  • Candle-gazing
  • Dream journey


Couple Tantra Session

Learn about Tantra and connect on a whole new level to the partner of your choice! Our Tantra Sessions awake your senses and play with intimacy without being purely sexual. It's all about sharing energy, movement and finding new ways to get to know each other as well as yourself.


There are different kinds of themed ceremonies that are either centred around a good for consumption (e.g. cacao ceremonies) or a certain spiritual topic (e.g. chakras - energy centres in the body). All ceremonies have in common that they bring you closer to yourself and your surroundings by using all your senses.


Which ceremonies we offer depends on the location we are in at the given time. Just contact us to find out more!