Sustainability means a way of life that ensures that all generations of humanity have the opportunity to live a prosperous life - generations now and in future! A lack in sustainability means that humans cannot sustain themselves on this earth in the long run and it comes with all the negative effects we are witnessing right now: A rapid decline in biodiversity, a raise in wealth divides and poverty, pollution and destruction of natural habitat ... As the German author Michael Ende said: We are already fighting the Third World War. Our enemy are future generations. The problem is that they cannot fight back.


But we are willing to fight for justice for all of humanity and all living creatures - now and in future! That is why sustainability is such an important part of Yoganity. Real sustainability means getting back to the understanding that we are all part of nature. We cannot detach ourselves from it. We ARE nature.


You have questions about the entire concept or need some advice for daily matters? Katja is nearly done with her Master in Sustainable Development, so no matter what's your question about sustainable living, we can offer you an answer. Contact us for a consultation.

We promote events with a focus on sustainability and community on a regular basis, so stay tuned for upcoming events, because together we can change the world.

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