Useful Information

Infos for your first Yoga class

If you have never attended a Yoga class before, there are some things that are useful to know before you do so. Here is a list of information that we hope is useful for you. If you have any questions about Yoga in general, public or private classes, do's and don'ts in a Yoga shala, or anything else, feel free to ask us! We believe that Yoga is for everyone and all of us were beginners at some point, so we're happy to help you find your way into the world of Yoga!

Our Cancellation Policy

If out of whatever reason you cannot make it to a class or lesson that you booked with us directly, here is our Cancellation Policy with all the information you need in such a case.


If you booked with a Yoga studio that we work with, then of course their own Cancellation Policy applies.


We love spreading what we like and that is not limited to a daily Yoga practice. Here you can find some recommendations of Yoga material, books, videos and whatever else we would love to share with you!