Animal Shelter

and Yoganity Dog Hotel

We are building an animal shelter for puppies and kittens on our land in southern Nicaragua! On this site you find all the information about this project and how you can get involved!


The dream

Big open air animal shelter, connected pet café and independent boarding facility / dog hotel for financing the shelter


The reality right now

A two-parted building, one side for puppies, the other for kittens, both with outside spaces.



El Oro, San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua


Know-How and material

The shelter will be made from a material that is won from 100% recycled plastic. It's durable (lasts about 1.000 years...), easy to clean, water resistant and a step to keep plastic out of Nicaragua's vast landfills.


Dog Training

Katja is on her way to becoming a certified dog trainer, being able to give the shelter puppies a higher chance of adoption.


Future Dream: "Dog Deck" and "Catio" Pet Café

At some point we would love to create an integrated space where the San Juan community can interact with the shelter animals. This doesn't only benefit the socialisation of the shelter animals, but also increases adoption rates.


Further dreaming: Dog Hotel and Retreat

In the long run we would like to establish an educational facility with retreat where locals as well as internationals can learn about animals, sustainable living and overall well-being. Furthermore we'd love to run a Dog Hotel for people who want to travel and leave their furry friends in good hands. The profits from both would sustain the animal shelter.

What has happened so far?

August 2021:

We started our fundraiser at Givebutter.  Go ahead and donate!


100 % of your donation to SOS Shelter goes into the realization of the action plan mentioned above!

No bureaucracy, no administrative costs! We personally do not take a penny from this!


June 2022:

It took a long time, but we're now owners of one manzana (ca. 2 acres / 7.000 squaremeters) of land in El Oro, close to San Juan del Sur.

November 2022:

After finishing our management positions at Hush Maderas we now live close to the land and finally have the time to get started on building! Only the rains have to stop first...

December 2022

Dry season is amongst us! We've cleared the land, have build a first fence along the perimeter and broke ground for a first structure!

Important Note

Homeless animals / dogs in Nicaragua
Plenty of animals in southern Nicaragua are looking for shelter – literally.

Our Shelter will be a "no kill" and "no abandonment" shelter.


We are straying from the "classic" shelter design that most US-american shelters have (lots of concrete and isolation). There are large open spaces and fresh air, surrounded by nature.

The animals get plenty of chances to interact with each other.


Some of the many recourses that we found useful: