SOS Shelter

and Yoganity Dog Hotel

We are building southern Nicaragua's first proper animal shelter! Here you find all the information about this project and how you can get involved!


To be built

Big open air animal shelter, connected pet café and independent boarding facility / dog hotel for financing the shelter



estimated 55.000 USD



San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua



SOS animales Nicaragua

Step 1: SOS Shelter

The first step is to build a shelter managed by us, owned by SOS animales Nicaragua. The land for this is being donated (THANK YOU!!!)


Step 2: Dog Hotel

Once the shelter is established, we will build a boarding facility / dog hotel on a neighbouring piece of land, independently from the shelter. The dog hotel will be owned but us, but its profits will go to the shelter. There is a big demand for the services of dog daycare and sitting in the San Juan del Sur area!


Step 3: "Dog Deck" and "Catio" Pet Café

To create an integrated space where the San Juan community can interact with the shelter animals, we will add a dog and cat café on the premises of the shelter (see plan below). This doesn't only benefit the socialisation of the shelter animals, but also increases adoption rates.


(Step 4: Educational Facility and Retreat

In the long run we would like to establish an educational facility with retreat where locals as well as internationals can learn about animals, sustainable living and overall wellbeing. The profits of the retreat will sustain the animal shelter. This plan is not included in the cost estimate and will come fully from our own savings.)

What has happened so far?

August 2021:

We started our fundraiser at Givebutter.  Go ahead and donate!


100 % of your donation to SOS Shelter goes into the realization of the action plan mentioned above!

No bureaucracy, no administrative costs! We personally do not take a penny from this!


We're in negotiations with the owners of a suitable piece of land. It's about a 15 min drive from San Juan del Sur. The land has road access, is close enough to be well-connected with the city, but far enough away from the highway or any noises.

Update July 2022

Aaaaall the struggles

Why are things taking so long?

Now you might be wondering why things are taking so long, even though we already started the fundraiser in August 2021. Here are the reasons:


The owner of the land that was promised to SOS animales first took a step back and is using the land for other purposes.


We found another piece of land, but the owners might want it back after a certain time, so contracts need to be established to make sure that we don't pour large amounts of money into establishing the shelter, which we then lose out on. These negotiations are going on right now.


These are our ideal plans according to scientific research of how to best set up a shelter structure. If these plans can be realised depends on the land that we get.

SOS Shelter

SOS Shelter animal shelter Nicaragua

Dog Pension

Dog Pension Nicaragua

Important Note

Homeless animals / dogs in Nicaragua
Plenty of animals in southern Nicaragua are looking for shelter – literally.

SOS Shelter will be a "no kill" and "no abandonment" shelter. That means that even animals that are not getting adopted can live in the shelter for as long as it is needed. They will have – like all the other animals there – a safe, healthy and loving place to live, no matter for how long.


We are also straying from the "classic" shelter design that most US-american shelters have (lots of concrete and isolation). There will be large open spaces and fresh air, surrounded by nature.

The animals get plenty of chances to interact with visitors as well as with each other, while the shelter at the same time adheres to all necessary safety and health standards.


We have the ideas and willpower – now we only need your financial support!


Some of the many recourses that we found useful: