Yoga In Hostile Environments

Why Yoga?

Psychological benefits:

  • stress relief
  • heightened attention
  • better concentration
  • stronger sense of belonging
  • improved mood and resilience

Physical benefits:

  • increased body awareness
  • more flexibility
  • reduced muscle tension and inflammation
  • faster relaxation

Yoga has proven effective in the fight against obesity, depression, sleeping disorders, anxiety, hyperactivity, attention deficit and schizophrenia.


What does that mean for your Organization?

Development workers are above-average prone to stress-related disorders which affect their wellbeing and in the long run their working morale and efficiency. The short periods spent on leave outside the high-risk country are often not enough to alleviate the symptoms.

By encouraging your employees to practice yoga they will benefit from the multitude of positive effects. That way you can ensure not only their physical and mental health but also their high quality work performance.

What we offer

We offer yoga and meditation classes as well as relaxation techniques for employees of development organizations in high-risk environments.

Out of experience we know how mind-body practices like yoga - practices in these challenging environments - can bring immense positive change. Through our classes we empower the participants to create their own practice: We teach easy-to-use exercises as well as different styles of yoga and give your employees all the necessary information to establish a healthy daily routine for themselves.

What makes us perfect for the job

We know what we're talking about: Years of work experience in high-risk and high-stress environments taught us the importance of work-life-balance. After leaving the security industry we became highly qualified yoga teachers certified by Yoga Alliance. To learn more about our training, click here.

Katja Maycock


worked seven years for the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany before finishing her Master in Sustainable Development and becoming deputy Head of the Regional Risk Management Office of GIZ in northern Afghanistan

Paul Maycock


worked over 12 years in high-risk environments, i.a. with the British Military 2004 and 2005 in Iraq, as Project Security Manager for the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad and as Head of the Technical Operations Support Unit for GIZ in northern Afghanistan

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