Our Philosophy

Yoga is not a weight loss program.

Yoga is a way of life.


We believe in the fundamental power that lies within Yoga, not as a fitness program, but as a way to open your mind, become more aware and to spur your pace on the way towards enlightenment - whatever that means to you.

Yoga therefore is not about losing physical weight (or not only), it is about losing psychological weight - burdens, stress, fear, anger. It helps leaving any negative feelings behind.


Sadly in the way that Yoga is practiced in most industrialised countries nowadays the spiritual aspects of it are nearly forgotten about. But Yoga practiced without the proper mindset will lead to envy, greed, egotistical behaviour and as a result of this to injury. Yoga injuries are becoming more common these days, of course also because there are more and more people practicing Yoga, but mainly because those practicing it as a physical activity get carried away by their ego - to achieve more, more than yesterday, more than the neighbour, more than our bodies allow us to. As soon as Yoga is understood as a personal journey, a path to only ourselves, we get rid of all egotistical incentives. We stop comparing ourselves with others and realize that there is so much more to Yoga than just weight loss.

The anatomy of Yoga

Everybody is different. And that is a wonderful thing! Not only everybody, but also every body is different. We take that into account and use our knowledge of anatomy to create a safe and empowering space for our students. Rules of alignment are guidelines to get to know an Asana (pose), but they are definitely not suited for every body type and bone structure! We encourage our students to learn about their own capabilities - and that all variations of human bodies are made perfect, none are better or worse than others, they are all sacred. Once that understanding is planted, their very own Yoga practice can grow from there and spread into a canopy of possibilities.