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The Essence of Yoga

Holistic Wellbeing Retreat

There are three pillars to your wellbeing: body, mind and soul. This retreat caters to all of them.

Join us in a secluded village of Nicaragua, amidst lush nature and only steps from a deserted beach and find the time to truly take care of yourself.

We offer you an entrance point to the healthy lifestyle you've been longing for, guidance into a mindset that enables you to achieve what you wish for and a setting to nourish your soul.


This is the Essence of Yoga, where experiences become lifetime memories.

More than just a get-away

Healthy body

Let us introduce you to a lifestyle that rejuvenated your body. Get up fresh and early, starting your day with meditation and movement. Enjoy delicious, homemade food in a fine dining experience. Swim in the ocean and go for beach walks with us.


Thriving mind

Our world-class teachers will guide you through different styles of yoga, breathwork/pranayama and meditation. Open your mind to whole new opportunities and learn how your thinking shapes your life and the world around you.

Growing soul

We teach any practices as more than just a physical workout: Yoga means union – The union of your body, mind and soul, as well as the union of yourself with the greater consciousness. Grant your soul this time of new experiences, learning and growth.

Retreat Venue



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